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We Buy: Copper (Pipe, wire, sheet, and tubing) Insulated Copper (wire /cable, cat 5/6, romex, THNN, 350/500mcm, BX, MC, computer wire) Aluminium (siding, gutters, windows frames, car rims) Insulated Wires Steel Radiators Stainless Steel (pipe, plate, old sheet, restaurant equipment, etc.) Stainless Alloys (tyngston carbide, high speed tool steels, inconel, monel, nickel, thanium, haselloy) Electric Motors Transmissions Carbide Die Cast Rims Pick-up Service Pick-up and container service is available. Our trucks and drivers provide safe reliable service to your company or jobsite and we carry proper insurance. To schedule an appointment please contact us our office by dialling (412) 321-9991. We will gladly schedule a time and date for the pickup. NORTH SIDE SCRAP WILL NOT BUY STOLEN MATERIAL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Management reserves the right to change prices due to market conditions. Equipment Northside Scrap Metals Inc offers special equipment that tests all grades and types of metals. Like many of our customers, you may have scraps and old appliances of no use to you just sitting around collecting dust. Contact us today and turn those scraps for the trash into cash! Equipment: Hand held xl2800 Termo-fisher niton analyzer X-ray tester - it test all metals in seconds especially stainless alloys Roll off service- 30, 40, yard dumpster Large dump truck service State certified scales- which are tested yearly to assure accuracy Forklifts- diesel lift up to 8000 lbs Skid loaders to move scrap 20 ton escalator to unload and load scrap Wire stripper
SCRAP METAL INC. For all your scrap Metal Buying and Selling Needs
412 321 2058
Throughout the years, Northside Scrap Metals Inc. has been committed to offering our customers fair selling rates in exchange for their scrap metals. Our goal is to continue in the tradition that has made us the successful business we are today. We honor our customers with fair exchange rates and are willing to answer any questions or concerns regarding our processes or metal types accepted. We use electronics, state certified scales, inside and outside truck scales and offer roll-off container service for scrap pick-up. We recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Please see our list of metals and call for pricing or pick up service. We have large dump trucks and roll-off containers to serve your needs. In accordance with state law, we require identification from individuals bringing in scrap.
We always try to make sure our customers get the most for their scrap. It's just good business for us!
A simple tip… If you are not sure what you have, a simple magnet will help. We all carry magnets, if the magnet sticks to it, it's steel and will be thrown in with general scrap steel…
If the magnet does not stick to it, the item may be worth way more money. Copper, brass, aluminum and good stainless steel are not magnetic.
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Email: northsidescrapmetals@gmail.com